Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Blog for LIS

When I got home last night my husband said, "It must feel good to be done." But I must confess, it doesn't feel like anything. I guess after 3 years I was expecting it to feel like some huge weight was lifted or some miraculous change took place but I have passed into the world of librarianship without so much as a pomp or a circumstance.

It probably didn't help that yesterday was my first official day of work for the year and it was a day from hell. My summer curriculum support order was screwed up and I had people complaining to me all day about union and schedule issues. It was just another day like any other. The fact that I earned a masters degree made no difference in my life or the rotation of the earth around the sun.

I guess I will just have to go make a difference in the way I use the degree. At least now when I sign librarian after my name for work I won't feel guilty anymore like I'm telling a lie. I really am the librarian now.


  1. I should have played some special celebratory music and had a ceremony of some sort!

    Congratulations on this accomplishment! Even if it didn't feel like anything special last night, it is a big deal. Maybe you'll get that celebratory feeling when you have completed the practicum experiences. :-)

    I hope the days that follow at work will go more smoothly.

  2. Hey Sydney,

    I am really going to miss you. You know that you have a gift of knowing how to make us laugh about even serious issues. Thank you for being you. Also, have you ever thought about being a comedian?

  3. Yeah, Sydney! You are so funny. I was just glad I avoided peeing in my pants when we met at the library.
    I'm so sorry you had a horrible day. It wasn't the best way to start the year. At least the supt KNEW that your piles were messed up.

    I've been facing the exact same feelings you have. Everyone keeps asking me, "So, how great does it feel to be done?" I'm glad to be done with classwork, but I don't feel any different either!
    Erin, you're probably right. Maybe after we get through the practicum, we'll feel really "done."
    Sydney, you were a librarian before, now you've just got the degree to back it up. I hope we keep in touch!

  4. Seriously, Sydney, some of the funniest comments in class came from you. "Ryan's still teaching? Is she still mean?"

    Keep up the blog, and we'll share your pain!